Introducing: Marketers and Money 2024

In 2024, marketing is about more than media metrics and creative flair. Modern marketing is about capital allocation. At Mutinex, we speak to a lot of senior marketers. And we know that one of the biggest challenges they face is building financial credibility with the C-Suite.

Marketers and Money is a conference dedicated to growing marketing profile as a financial discipline and will change the way senior marketers tell the story of their marketing results. Marketers and money will provide you with the information, inspiration and credibility you need to manage your marketing budget like an investment.

Presented by Mutinex

We don’t want to compromise great content. So we’re not taking sponsors (we think you probably see enough ads). Join us for a day with Australia’s best marketing minds, talking about the bottom line.

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Marketers & Money
Sydney, Australia
August 01, 2024
Invitation Only


8:00AM – 9:00AM:
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9:10AM – 9:50AM:
Keynote: Don Meij (CEO and Managing Director, Dominos Enterprises Ltd)
10:00AM – 10:25AM:
Turning Creativity into Dollars Brent Smart (Telstra), Paul Mcintyre (Mi3)
What makes creative not only good, but effective? And how can marketers put the right guardrails in place to ensure that their award winning creative is loved by the finance team too? What happens when everything goes wrong? Join Brent Smart and Paul McIntyre for a frank fireside chat on how creative can impact the bottom line.
10:30AM – 11:00AM:
Morning Tea
11:05AM – 11:30AM:
How the World’s Smartest Marketers are Making Faster MROI Decisions Melody Townsend (BOQ Group), Carl Bunn (Samsung), Henry Innis (Mutinex moderator)
The marketing landscpe is moving faster than ever and brand needs to respond quickly to change or risk falling behind. How are the smartest marketers responding to this challenge?
11:30AM – 12:00PM:
Beyond CPM: How Marketers can Drive Advertising Effectiveness on Digital Platforms
Join representatives from the biggest tech platforms to get an inside look into how digital platforms are thinking about advertising effectiveness and how marketers can make their dollars impactful.
12:00PM – 12:30PM:
Keynote: Angela Greenwood (CMO, Youi)
12:35PM – 1:30PM:
1:35PM – 2:00PM:
The Power of Audience Melissa Hopkins (Seven Network), Liana Dubois (Nine)
Much has been made of the "decline" of linear TV, but in Australia, the traditional TV networks still command the attention of vast, core audiences. Join this panel for a discussion on how mass reach is still relevant.
2:30PM – 3:00PM:
Leveraging Measurement for Better Media Negotiations Mark Coad (IPG Mediabrands), Anathea Ruys (UM Australia), Mat Baxter (Mutinex moderator)
The dark art of media negotations can be mysterious to even the most seasoned marketers. In this panel we uncover how hold co's use leverage from measurement to ensure that clients are getting the best deal on media buys.
3:00PM – 3:25PM:
The Big Question: To Inhouse or Not To Inhouse Chris Maxwell (Lution and Inhouse Agency Council), Jemma Downey (Asahi Beverages), Charlie Gearside (Eucalyptus), Matt Farrugia (Mutinex moderator)
Love your agency or hate them, you still can't live without them…or can you? In this session three marketing veterans will enjoy a spirited discussion about whether you can save money and still do your very best work with an in house team.
3:25PM – 3:50PM:
Keynote: Speaker Announcement Coming Soon
4:00PM- 5:30PM:
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Marketers & Money
Sydney, Australia
August 01 2024
Invitation Only