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Mutinex GrowthOS is the marketing mix modeling toolkit designed to drive growth. Manage data easily. Unlock the right insights. Make decisions that matter.

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Mutinex GrowthOS uplifts your marketing mix modeling from a static report to an always on growth decision engine. Our SaaS platform solution always calibrates your insights against the latest market conditions so that you can make media and marketing investment decisions confidently and quickly.

Mutinex GrowthOS has a proven track record with enterprise brands. So no matter which marketing analytics platforms or methodology you use, it will enhance your measurement framework. Take your team from “I think” to “I know” with Mutinex GrowthOS.

Over $1.5 billion under analysis

Major brands trust Mutinex GrowthOS

Global reach

Global reach

The Mutinex customer footprint is global. We know that enterprise brands operate across borders, time zones and currencies and we're here to support you.
20% ROI uplift

20% ROI uplift

Mutinex GrowthOS is designed to help customers identify opportunities for growth. Most customers see an ROI uplift of 20% within 12 months.
We know verticals

We know verticals

The Mutinex GrowthOS model already ingests data from verticals ranging CPG to finance, wagering and media. Whatever your business is, we know it.

Accurate and intuitive modeling for the whole team

Mutinex GrowthOS is used by marketers, finance teams and data scientists to power decisions about marketing investment every day. How? GrowthOS was developed using AI powered econometrics to relieve the pain points of traditional marketing mix modeling.

Compared to traditional marketing mix modeling delivered by consultants and other SaaS solutions, Mutinex GrowthOS is faster and more granular. The inclusion of time varying coefficients as opposed to weighted coefficients leads to more model stability and less demand to rebuild your model.

Mutinex GrowthOS is solving real world problems

Brands making better decisions

“Partnering early with our finance and business teams to credibly decompose contribution of sales from paid marketing channels, promotion activity and organic, means we can make smarter commercial decisions.”

Danielle Hamilton

Head of Marketing, ING

"We've seen that Mutinex GrowthOS is empowering for businesses. It builds belief – you can see the impact of your actions"

Megan Coutts-Quinn

Head of Data and Digital Products, Asahi Beverages

"The ability for Samsung to understand the impact of the macro environment on our media performance and revenue is helping us make better decisions around where we invest in the context of the market”

Carl Bunn

Head of Solutions & DTC, Samsung

Do I need marketing mix modeling?

Marketing mix modeling (MMM) is a type of econometric analysis of marketing results. It helps businesses uncover the full impact of marketing, leading to better decisions that improve efficiency or drive growth.

MMM combines revenue data, pricing data and advertising spend with external factors such as interest rates and seasonal events to give insight into the real impact of marketing spend. Importantly, it doesn’t rely on cookie data and it is privacy-friendly.

Traditional MMM offerings are not fast or granular enough to be used as a primary tool to plan, measure and validate marketing investment decisions. But with privacy changes and digital attribution becoming less reliable, most businesses should be conducting MMM on a regular basis to understand and improve their marketing and media mix.  Mutinex GrowthOS is designed to make regular MMM easier so that brands can use it to unlock the right decisions.

Make better investment decisions. Faster.