Mutinex GrowthOS

From marketing mix modeling to commercial decision engine

Manage data. Unlock insights. Make better decisions

The promise of Mutinex GrowthOS marketing mix modeling is simple. It’s a decision engine to help teams organise, analyze and action marketing, brand and media data at scale. GrowthOS will fuel better decision making across your entire marketing mix.

Mutinex GrowthOS helps marketers, media leads, agencies, analytics and finance teams identify and optimize the different factors that drive sustainable business growth.

More than a SaaS solution

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How Mutinex delivers

Every Mutinex customer is supported by three pillars throughout their GrowthOS marketing mix modeling journey


Proprietary marketing mix modeling data provisioning platform designed to make your data ingestion fast and easy


Next generation marketing mix modeling tool designed to help you make better decisions when it comes to your marketing investments

Marketing Science

World class marketing science support to help you identify and make key decisions for growth.

DataOS data management

Getting serious about data provision

We know that one of the biggest pain points with MMM is around data provisioning. That’s why we’ve developed DataOS. DataOS is your hub for data management and it pairs seamlessly with GrowthOS. It allows you to painlessly submit data for processing and modeling, keep stakeholders on task and on time and drastically reduce the overheads associated with data provision for MMM.

For customers across multiple markets, DataOS can help to operationalize standard data inputs and give you a clearer view of global performance.

Mutinex DataOS will ensure you spend less time managing data and more time making decisions that matter.

GrowthOS marketing mix modeling

Solving real marketing, finance and data analytics problems with a user friendly econometrics platform

How much money should we invest in marketing?

Use the marketing ROI optimizer to understand channel and product performance. Scenario builder to unlock growth areas and defend or increase marketing budget.

Should we run a holiday campaign?

Analyze the impact of macro economic conditions like holidays, interest rates and weather on your growth efforts with the ROI optimizer

What impact would a price change have?

Monitor the impact of price changes on your marketing efforts and overall revenue. Use scenario builder to simulate investment and campaign scenarios.

Which product or brand in my portfolio could grow our revenue?

Analyze marketing decisions, optimize investments, increase efficiency and cut waste on marketing efforts with rapid analysis of media investment by product or portfolio.

Can we afford to "go dark" on brand campaigns?

Measure the halo effect of your brand on your portfolio. Demonstrate how improving your brand's health by X% can boost your financial performance by $Y.

Your best decisions start here

Why choose GrowthOS?

Faster results

Faster results

GrowthOS is built on a generalized model and we've unlocked the process of data provisioning. This means less time rebuilding your marketing mix model and more time making decisions with real impact.
More accurate insights

More accurate insights

The GrowthOS model includes time varying coefficients instead of weighted coefficients. Marketers know that the impact of marketing can vary over time. Time varying coefficients give a more accurate representation of that impact compared to weighted coefficients.
Decisions powered by more than data

Decisions powered by more than data

The Mutinex marketing science team is available to help our customers develop insights and build a roadmap of decisions designed to power growth against your objectives.