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From trade marketing to retail marketing and sponsorships, Mutinex GrowthOS is designed to help FMCG and CPG businesses pinpoint the path to growth and achieve success in their ever-competitive market.
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“The ability for Samsung to understand the impact of our macro-environment on our media performance and revenue is helping us make better decisions around where we invest in the context of the market” image of Carl Bunn
Carl Bunn Head of Solutions & DTC, Samsung
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“We've seen that Mutinex GrowthOS is empowering for businesses. It builds belief – you can see the impact of your actions” image of Megan Coutts-Quinn
Megan Coutts-Quinn Group Head of Consumer Experience, Asahi Beverages
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“Partnering early with our finance and business teams to credibly decompose contribution of sales from paid marketing channels, promotion activity and organic, means we can make smarter commercial decisions.” image of Danielle Hamilton
Danielle Hamilton Head of Marketing, ING

Your best decisions start here.

How Mutinex GrowthOS can help you

Mutinex GrowthOS is accurate and intuitive modeling for every part of your business

What is marketing mix modeling?

Marketing mix modeling (MMM) is a type of econometric analysis of marketing results. It helps businesses uncover the full impact of marketing, leading to better decisions that improve efficiency or drive growth. Marketing mix modeling will tell you how much revenue your company is generating for every dollar spent on marketing.

How can we maximise marketing ROI?

In order to maximise your marketing ROI, you need to measure it consistently, frequently and at a level of granularity that will unlock decisions. Mutinex GrowthOS supports a level of modeling that allows our customers to build test and learn programs around marketing ROI and create incremental value.

What data do I need?

Marketing mix models are powered by sales and revenue data. One great advantage of marketing mix modeling over other forms of marketing measurement is that it does not require the processing of any personal information from customers (or non customers). Marketing mix modeling is privacy first measurement.

Which team members use Mutinex GrowthOS and for what?

Mutinex GrowthOS is designed to be used by team members from marketing, agency media buyers and creatives, data analysts and finance. Team members use GrowthOS for reporting and forecasting on a weekly or monthly basis. Many of our customers rely on GrowthOS for annual planning activities.

What types of marketing activity can I measure with Mutinex GrowthOS?

Marketing mix modeling can measure all types of marketing activity from standard media buys, partnerships and sponsorships, retail marketing and content marketing.

What types of external factors impact my marketing efforts?

Many marketers are surprised to find just how much external factors such as interest rate rises, weather events, public holidays and competitive marketing activity can impact their own bottom line. Many FMCG companies are also surprised to find out how these impacts can differ across brands in the FMCG industry. Mutinex GrowthOS can help you to align your marketing efforts to external factors and drive better results.