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Whether you’re building your brand or perfecting performance, Mutinex GrowthOS is designed to help you make marketing investment decisions that will drive growth for health insurers.

With cost of living pressures limiting customer spend, we know that health insurance is one of the most competitive categories in marketing. And we also know those same pressures will have marketing budgets under scrutiny. You need to measure the impact of every dollar and make the most of your brand.

How Mutinex GrowthOS can help you

With a complex product offering like health insurance, measuring the true ROI on marketing can seem impossible. Mutinex GrowthOS is designed to help you analyze impact across a portfolio of products and separate the effects of your product and brand spend.

What is marketing mix modeling?

Marketing mix modeling (MMM) is a type of econometric analysis of marketing results. It helps businesses uncover the full impact of marketing, leading to better decisions that improve efficiency or drive growth. Marketing mix modeling will tell you how much revenue your company is generating for every dollar spent on marketing.

How can we maximise marketing ROI?

In order to maximise your marketing ROI, you need to measure it consistently, frequently and at a level of granularity that will unlock decisions. Mutinex GrowthOS supports a level of modeling that allows our customers to build test and learn programs around marketing ROI and create incremental value.

What data do I need?

Marketing mix models are powered by sales and revenue data. One great advantage of marketing mix modeling over other forms of marketing measurement is that it does not require the processing of any personal information from customers (or non customers). Marketing mix modeling is privacy first measurement.

What type of businesses need marketing mix modeling?

Most businesses should conduct marketing mix modeling. If your marketing investment and sales funnels cover multiple channels, your business is impacted by macro-economic factors like interest rate rises, weather events and inflation or if your company is a branded house, then your company will be a good candidate for marketing mix.

Can Mutinex GrowthOS help me track the performance of my brand versus product performance?

Yes. Mutinex GrowthOS can help you to break down how your "product" spend impacts your sales versus how your "brand" spend impacts sales. Our brand equity tool can also help you to put a dollar figure on the contribution of your brand's reputation.

Graphic outlining free report download: 3 steps to quantifying brand impact with marketing mix modeling

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