GrowthOS Marketing Return on Investment Certification

Exclusive to Mutinex Platinum Partners

The Official GrowthOS MROI Certification

All Mutinex Platinum Partners receive comprehensive GrowthOS Marketing Return On Investment Certification for their teams, so that they can deliver the very best outcomes to their customers using GrowthOS (and enjoy a fancy new badge on LinkedIn).

Mutinex GrowthOS MROI certification orients partners and their clients around marketing return on investment as a “north star” metric, aids in setting joint marketing goals and managing the outcomes to measure performance against those goals. Participants learn the foundations of marketing mix modelling (MMM) and how to apply them via GrowthOS.

Learning Outcomes

GrowthOS MROI Certification is delivered in five modules. The certification program is designed to give agency staff a solid grounding in MROI principles and how to apply them for customers using GrowthOS.

The training is delivered by relevant Mutinex GrowthOS specialists, including staff from Marketing Science, Sales, Data and Product teams, to ensure that all of your MROI and GrowthOS questions are answered.

GrowthOS MROI Certification is recommended for all partner agency staff who will be working with Mutinex customers including account leads, media buyers (traditional and digital media) and data analysts.

Certification Modules

Module 1: Understanding MROI and MMM

Learn the basics of MROI and market mix modelling. At the end of this module you'll be able to articulate the role of MROI as a metric, articulate the role of MMM within the broader measurement landscape, identify the strengths and weaknesses of MMM as a measurement framework and explain the basics of how MMM is done

Module 2: Putting GrowthOS in context

Learn how to identify a customer need for MMM and how to introduce it to client conversations in context. At the end of this module you'll be able to identify client need for MMM, identify specific industry/vertical challenges with MMM and answer common FAQ from customers about introducing MMM.

Module 3: Using GrowthOS

This module empowers agency partners to use GrowthOS in the context of client relationships. At the end of this module you'll be able to use GrowthOS to identify the causal drivers of sales outcomes, use GrowthOS to develop test and learn programs from clients and use GrowthOS to make impactful decisions to increase MROI and find incremental growth.

Module 4: Data supply and provisioning

This module teaches agency staff to provision data for MMM with GrowthOS. By the end of the module you will be able to understand best practice process that enables data provisioning for MMM, identify overall data requirements for MMM, understand data provisioning formats and technologies and have access to key documents (guides and checklists) for data provisioning.