How to defend and grow your marketing budget in four easy steps

Mutinex partners with the American Marketing Association to break your marketing budget conversation into four simple steps. Most marketers know that cutting budgets in the face of economic headwinds can stall growth and land a company in trouble. But when times are tough, finance departments are all too eager to swing the axe on marketing investment. In this webinar you’ll learn about the metrics that matter when it comes to talking to finance and the c-suite, some of the most common traps marketers can fall into when trying to communicate investment strategy and how to win confidence in marketing results so that you can defend and even grow your budget.

Why is it so hard to defend and grow your marketing budget?

In a nutshell, many marketing budgets are under scrutiny due to global market conditions. But marketers often struggle to communicate effectiveness because

  • The media landscape is increasing in complexity
  • Traditional and performance measurement systems are failing
  • Marketers are awash with metrics that don’t matter to the broader business

What can marketers do to defend and extend budgets?

There are several steps that marketers can take to defend and extend budgets

  1. Uncover the metrics that matter using marketing mix modeling
  2. Speak the language of the C-Suite
  3. Unlock the value of your brand
  4. Test, iterate and test again

Watch the webinar to learn more.

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