Lift marketing effectiveness & ROI. Predict future ROI.

Lift marketing effectiveness & ROI. Predict future ROI.

We believe that marketing should be treated as an investment. Mutinex’s GrowthOS does just that, it’s the marketing investment analytics platform that provides insights to drive financial effectiveness in marketing.

Informing millions of dollars of spend monthly.

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What our customers are saying

GrowthOS helped inform the most compelling conversation in recent times with executives and the finance department, about the impact of Marketing.

Melody Townsend
GM Retail Marketing, Bank of Queensland Group

We’ve seen that using GrowthOS is empowering for businesses, it builds belief - you can see the impact of your actions.

Megan Coutts-Quinn
Senior Manager Data & CX, Carlton & United Breweries

World-class marketing investment analytics powered by the gold-standard in econometrics and machine learning.​​

World-class marketing investment analytics powered by the gold-standard in econometrics and machine learning.​​

GrowthOS is a world-class marketing investment analytics platform that helps you make your marketing investments better. Every marketer needs to make decisions that lift performance and drive accountability. With GrowthOS, you have a platform that guides you to those decisions.


Automated learning

GrowthOS is able to learn as new data is ingested, ensuring your data is current with market trends, consumer behaviours and responds to how you will perform best in today’s market.​

Transparent analytics​

GrowthOS is no blackbox. We provide full model performance and transparent analytics, ensuring Data Science and Actuarial teams are able to verify and validate results quickly.​

Real-time results​

As a platform, GrowthOS operates in near-realtime with your data. Timeliness of data ensures it’s usable, you are able to use it to drive decisions and your teams can action and measure results.

The key features of GrowthOS

Review your brands​

Review all your marketing decisions, uncover which ones drove revenue and profitability alongside unpick whether you are invested effectively within a channel, activity or promotion. Identify the right levels of investment and maximise your effectiveness with analytics rapidly.

Predict your performance​

Know the impact of your decisions on marketing and media investment, and predict what will happen in different scenarios.


Understand market
impacts on your sales

Build out your view of how the wider market impacts your performance, and change or adapt your decision making as a result.


Model brand

Show the long-term effect of your brand’s health on sales, and know with confidence that increasing brand health by X% will directly impact your financial performance by $Y.

Understand pricing 
and discounts

Track how pricing and discounts are impacting your sales, and how key sales periods are driving consumer sales behaviours.

Configurable model capabilities that best fit your business ​

Analyze data quickly and encourage collaboration with an easy-to-use interface and shareable reports. Process and share huge amounts of data security.

House of brands

Map which campaigns are delivering the largest revenue growth, or understand the impact of types of creative on your business.

Branded house

GrowthOS looks at the impact of a brand on business units and product lines, enhancing the ability of a brand to understand high performing areas of marketing and financial contribution.

Hybrid model

GrowthOS can house multiple brands and multiple product lines all at once. Marketers can use this hierarchy to model brands, sub-brands, business units and even company divisions accurately.

Integrations made easy

GrowthOS has integration capabilities with all the most common marketing data sources. Integrations are engineered to make the coordination and ingestion of data, easy and quick. Our advanced tool-suite automatically detects errors within data-sets and fast-tracks the repair process.

Breakdown different dimensions

Use GrowthOS to find what really drives marketing contributed revenue


Map which campaigns are delivering the largest revenue growth, or understand the impact of types of creative on your business.


Unlock insight across regions, markets and more.


Understand which publishers, partners and sponsors are driving better performance.


Look at what format is driving the most impact for your business over time.

Understand creative impact​

Identify how much to invest in brand, campaign types, contextual creative and more.

Invest in winning geographies and markets

Invest into winning geographies and markets.

Optimise formats and delivery

Improve which formats you use to drive your business growth, and understand how best to leverage formats for revenue improvements.

Better informed negotiations

Know how to negotiate for better assets, relationships and more.

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