Step up to the next generation of market mix modelling

Mutinex GrowthOS is the market mix modelling platform that helps marketers to make better investment decisions.

Mutinex Data


Improve marketing ROI by up to 20%

Automated learning

Automated learning

Mutinex GrowthOS is able to learn as new data is ingested, ensuring your data is current with market trends, consumer behaviours and responds to how you will perform best in today’s market.
Actionable insights

Actionable insights

Mutinex GrowthOS is no blackbox. We provide full model performance and transparent analytics, ensuring Data Science and Actuarial teams are able to verify and validate results quickly.
Fast and frequent results

Fast and frequent results

As a platform, Mutinex GrowthOS operates in near-realtime with your data. Timeliness of data ensures it’s usable, you are able to use it to drive decisions and your teams can action and measure results.


Powered by the gold standard in econometrics and machine learning

Every marketer needs to make decisions that lift performance and drive accountability. With GrowthOS, you have a platform that guides you to those decisions.

Review product performance

Analyze successful marketing decisions, optimize investments, and increase efficiency with rapid analytics.

Simulate investment scenarios

Anticipate marketing outcomes based on spending decisions.

Review marketing impact

Consider the impact of the market on your performance and adjust your decision making accordingly.

Model brand value

Demonstrate how improving your brand’s health by X% can boost your financial performance by $Y.

Analyze pricing and discounts

Monitor pricing, discounts, sales periods and consumer behaviour to understand their impact on sales.


Break down different dimensions

Save time and resources by using a platform solution

Your GrowthOS instance can be updated regularly to generate fresh insights, it's available at any time of the day or night and doesn't charge by the hour.

Cut waste from your marketing spend

Most marketers understand that the best strategy is defined by what you choose not to do. GrowthOS will help you to identify the channels, formats and messaging that are not working for your brand. So you can cut the waste and grow faster.

Conduct better informed negotiations

The conversation between marketing and finance doesn't have to be about "costs" versus "performance". Change the budget negotiation dynamic with GrowthOS by bringing hard financial data to the table and turn the conversation about marketing spend into one about investment in growth.

Fully model the impact of variables

From channel strategy to format, geography and creative – there are a lot of variables to manage in your marketing spend. And those are just the ones you control – what about interest rates, public holidays and the weather? With GrowthOS, you can uncover how each variable is contributing to overall performance, test different investment scenarios and learn how to improve ROI quickly.


What our customers are saying

GrowthOS helped inform the most compelling conversation in recent times with executives and the finance department, about the impact of Marketing.

Melody Townsend, GM Retail Marketing, Bank of Queensland Group

We’ve seen that using GrowthOS is empowering for businesses, it builds belief – you can see the impact of your actions.

Megan Coutts-Quinn, Senior Manager Data & CX, Carlton & United Breweries

Make better investment decisions. Faster.