Mutinex Sponsors Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Mutinex has become a sponsor of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, the world’s largest centre for research into marketing.

Mutinex’s sponsorship of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute aligns two leading authorities in different aspects of evidence-based marketing: the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute in its focus on academic research for industry and Mutinex working with a slate of enterprise brands to support evidence-based decision making for marketing investment. 

“The work of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and its science-based approach to marketing correlates strongly with the work we do at Mutinex,” says Henry Innis, CEO and co-founder of Mutinex. 

“We believe strongly in generalised laws of marketing, and simply modelling for fit against traditional, known generalised laws is what has broken the MMM industry’s credibility for years. The work of the Institute reflects that approach on an academic level and we know that our team and ultimately our customers will get a lot of value from this sponsorship by ensuring we are aligning as much as possible with credible academic research within our approaches to the markets.”

“In turn, with the permission of our customers, we will look to find ways to work with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute to help contribute data to the Institute’s research agenda. In this way, Mutinex will begin to use our data to make meaningful contribution to global benchmarks and contribute to the bedrock of marketing science.”

Director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Professor Byron Sharp, adds that while the Institute remains dedicated to its role as an independent academic institution, that “We deeply appreciate the support from Mutinex as a sponsor of the Institute’s important R&D.”

“Our commitment to advancing marketing science through rigorous academic research continues to be our primary focus, and sponsorships like these provide valuable resources that contribute to our ongoing research efforts,” he says.

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