How to turbocharge media investment with brand building

In this video, we delve into how to turbocharge media investment through brand building.

Brand power is a vital component for marketers, providing pricing power and resilience during challenging economic times. Research has consistently shown that successful brand building enables advertisers to accelerate their growth and outperform competitors, especially when market conditions become favorable again.

Drawing upon insights from industry experts like Les Binet and Peter Field, we showcase a compelling chart that highlights the long-term effects of brand building versus short-term sales activation campaigns. Brand managers are well aware of the significance of continually reinforcing brand identity and brand messaging to convince consumers that their products offer value and quality in exchange for their hard-earned money. Whether it’s a hot dog, a handbag, or a luxurious hotel stay, consumers seek familiarity and trust in the brands they choose.

Building brand consideration requires consistent effort over time, reinforcing memory structures to create a sense of familiarity and positive perception when consumers are in the market for a particular product. However, quantifying the value of brand building can be challenging when it comes to budget allocation. At Mutinex, they have developed models that incorporate brand equity, enabling advertisers to assign a monetary value to the returns brands deliver.

With Mutinex’s approach, advertisers gain the ability to confidently demonstrate that brand building is an investment rather than a mere expense. By understanding and leveraging the monetary value of brand equity, advertisers can make informed decisions, allocate budgets strategically, and turbocharge their media investments for long-term success.

Join us in this enlightening video as we explore how to turbocharge media investment with brand building. Discover how Mutinex’s models help quantify the value of brand equity, empowering advertisers to demonstrate the returns on their brand-building efforts. Unleash the potential of your brand and harness its impact on long-term growth and market resilience.

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