Atomic212 champion Market Mix Modelling, join Mutinex Platinum Partnership Program

Australia’s biggest and fastest-growing independent media agency, Atomic 212°, today announced it has signed an agreement to join Mutinex’s Platinum Partnership Program, securing access to Mutinex’s AI-powered market mix modelling platform and partnership benefits.

Atomic 212° is the first independent agency to join the Mutinex Platinum Partnership Program. As part of the deal, Mutinex GrowthOS and the marketing ROI metric will become central to the planning and evaluation of media spend at Atomic212 for eligible customers. GrowthOS  is a unique, market mix modelling platform that guides marketing decisions and ensures channel mix is working as hard as it can for client’ media budgets. 

Atomic 212° National Chief Executive Officer, Claire Fenner, said: “At its heart, Mutinex helps marketers create growth for their business, making it the perfect fit for Atomic 212°. Faster, smarter, accountable media is hard-wired into our business and we are obsessed with putting marketing return on investment [ROI] at the centre of everything we do. 

Mr Innis said: “It comes as no surprise to us that Atomic 212° has seen a surge in demand for market mix modelling in recent times. It’s a tough year and we’ve seen that marketers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate return on their investments. We’re pleased to be working with Claire and the team at Atomic 212° to meet that demand and ensure that our customers are having the right conversations to underline the importance of marketing at the executive level before budgets are cut.”

“By joining forces with an independent, external third party, we can ensure a sharper and deeper focus on marketing ROI, built on the expertise of both Mutinex and Atomic 212°. In a challenging and ever-changing business environment, marketing ROI is increasingly at the top of companies’ measurement objectives. Our new partnership with Mutinex is an important step in Atomic 212° giving clients what they want and need.

The collection of data is one of the biggest pain points for customers transitioning to any market mix modelling framework. As part of the Platinum Partnership Program, the Atomic team will work with Mutinex to standardise the collection of media result data for collection into market mix models – ensuring that the onboarding process into GrowthOS can run smoothly for customers.  “We understand ROI, and we know how to generate and read ROI reports. But what is often overlooked is getting robust and reliable media data into the right format so a model can be developed and the commercial value can be extracted. We get it end to end,” she said. 

“The Mutinex partnership is an exciting development for our clients and our staff, and another step in helping the industry evolve from a service-based model of market mix modelling to a scalable platform solution. We are looking forward to using the Mutinex platform to evolve our existing incremental ROI experimentation and testing frameworks, so we can grow our clients’ businesses even more.”

Mutinex Co-Founder and CEO, Henry Innis, said: “We know that agencies are incredibly invested in the success of their customers. But for some time many agencies have dragged their feet on ROI.  Delivering market mix modelling at scale isn’t a side hustle. That’s why it’s great to be able to partner with an agency like Atomic 212°, who are committed to ROI, to launch this program together. We look forward to creating even more value for customers together.”

Established in 2018, Mutinex is the market leader in new generation market mix modelling, which uses media and external data to assess return on investment from marketing activity and help clients make better decisions about their marketing investment. Unlike traditional econometrics models that are expensive to produce and difficult to maintain, the Mutinex GrowthOS platform is built on an AI powered foundation model, with data privacy and security at its core. So although the econometrics techniques are tried and tested, MMM implementation with GrowthOS is faster and more elastic than with the static models of the past. 

As part of its partnership with Mutinex, Atomic 212° will fuse aggregate ROI benchmark data (no individual customer or category data is exposed) with Atomic 212°’s own internal modelled data bank within its channel planning tool, adding a further layer of certainty based on empirical evidence when recommending channel mixes to its clients. Atomic 212° will also receive Mutinex marketing ROI GrowthOS certification.

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