Mutinex launches new Platinum Partnership program with dentsu as exclusive agency launch partner

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Mutinex Platinum Partnership program, a first of its kind program providing their market mix modelling platform to agency groups and their clients, with dentsu ANZ signing on as our exclusive agency launch partner.

Dentsu ANZ’s media portfolio, which transacts over $1 billion in media on behalf of clients, is the first Australian and New Zealand media business to sign up to the program, exclusively partnering with Mutinex to secure access to market-wide insight and data that can be used to help clients understand and respond quickly and effectively to market and category trends.

The deal will give dentsu and eligible customers access to Mutinex GrowthOS with dentsu’s media business also able to review market-wide insight and data immediately across their client base. Dentsu will receive training and accreditation in how to apply growth modelling outputs to media plans as well as access to scaled data integrations for eligible customers. Mutinex wanted to partner with an agency that has the client base and technical know-how to maximise the potential of its products and services, enabling a new set of customers to benefit from its innovative approach to market mix modelling.

Danny Bass, CEO media, dentsu ANZ says: “Partnering with Mutinex in this way is a game changer. Never before has an ANZ holding group commissioned independent and external analysis at scale like this.

“As the head of the media business, I am passionate about ensuring we are always staying ahead of clients’ needs and access to the best modelling tools is part of this. Our people in Merkle, and ambitious team at Mutinex, together allow us to bring the best to bear on our clients’ results, and support their confidence in the boardroom. Times are tough for clients and budgets right now, and it’s our job to help them stay on top of this with solid thinking and robust media planning”.

Both Mutinex and dentsu fundamentally believe that the future of market mix modelling delivery for agencies lies in the type of platform solution offered by Mutinex alongside the expertise of media strategists and buyers. Mutinex is differentiated by its foundation model offering, which ingests vast amounts of general data which can then be trained for specific tasks. For dentsu customers coming onboard, that means no time is wasted in building and updating complicated, bespoke models.

Henry Innis, Co-Founder and CEO of Mutinex says “This first platinum partnership deal solidifies the powerful potential to change the way scaled services businesses leverage AI powered foundation models to deliver better outcomes. AI models overlaid with human ingenuity is the future of great decision making for customers.

We’re looking forward to Danny, Richard Pook, James Morgan, Brendan Dowling and the wider dentsu team leveraging our technology and decision data to drive constantly improving media investment returns across the ANZ market.”

“When we looked to do this deal, we looked to understand how MROI was considered within the context of a media agency. Dentsu showed a deep understanding of how to apply MROI data to media planning principles and translate it into great outcomes for their clients.” says Innis.

“Partnering with dentsu won’t change any of the great relationships we have with existing Mutinex customers. Nor will it mean that our customers at other agencies will experience a changing level of service. What it does allow us to do is hone our working relationship with agencies in a more formal manner. We’re excited to roll the partnership program out more broadly soon.”

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