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What is Mutinex?

Mutinex is a software as a service (SaaS) company that specializes in marketing mix modeling. Marketing mix modeling, also referred to as media mix modeling (or MMM) is an application of econometrics that demonstrates the ROI achieved from marketing spend. We help marketers to make better decisions.

In the past, MMM has been delivered by consultants in PowerPoint presentations. The process has been time consuming and expensive. The output has been difficult to action.

Mutinex is here to change that.

Our software platforms, GrowthOS and DataOS are revolutionizing the way large companies do marketing mix modelling. We’re making MMM faster, smarter and more accessible than ever before.

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Our values

At Mutinex we live by our values. If they resonate with you, you might be the right fit to join the Mutinex team.

We celebrate uniqueness

When you come to work at Mutinex HQ, we want you to bring your whole self. We firmly believe that by leaning into individuality, we can build a great team.

We're practically fearless

Mutinex has big ambitions to change the way the marketing industry uses data. To make that ambition a reality, we need to be fearless. That doesn't just apply to our vision – we also bring that attitude to our everyday work.

We strive for excellence through simplicity

At Mutinex we're always asking ourselves – what's the real problem we're trying to solve? We're committed to knowing our customers, understanding their problems and creating laser focus on how to solve them.

We ship resourcefully

Our product teams constantly strive to ship small and move fast.

We are deliberately transparent

The Mutinex team is founded on a culture of transparency and open communication.

We hire excellent people

We're focused on building talent density and retaining high performers.

Join the Mutinex team with Corina - head of product

Meet Corina

Mutinex Head of Product

“It’s the people and the product that make me excited to come to work everyday. I get to build cutting-edge tech that’s quite literally changing the way people do business, and I get to do it with a bunch of seriously smart but also seriously fun humans. Oh, and did I mention the office doggos?”

The Original Mutineers

In 2018, Matt Farrugia and Henry Innis knew that the future of marketing was predictive. So they left the advertising world behind to found their own consultancy focussed on helping clients leverage their data to get the most from their marketing spend.

What started as a consultancy soon became the software platform, GrowthOS.

In the past several years, Mutinex has created a new standard of measurement by using cloud-based computing power to ingest real-time data from sales, seasonal cycles and diverse channel spending into GrowthOS. This provides marketers with the insights they need to make better investment decisions.

Join the Mutinex team  with Matt Farrugia and Henry Innis - founders of Mutinex