How Samsung and CUB are harnessing data to prove brand spend is driving growth

As seen in Mi3

Samsung Head of Corporate Marketing, Carl Bunn and CUB Senior Manager for Data and CX, Megan Quinn, say faster, smarter approaches to tying media investment data to sales growth is boosting marketing’s credibility and enabling a shift away from short-termism while better informing future media budget planning. Here’s how.

Linking media spend to sales is marketing and advertising’s age-old problem. Using standard regression models, even when data can be pieced together, takes months and is therefore already out of date, reducing its value and influence in directing forward-looking marketing investment.

But CUB and Samsung senior marketers and data specialists are getting closer to cracking the conundrum.

“What we’ve seen with GrowthOS … is that you have models that actually empower you to make decisions because they’re dynamic. You input the data and within five days you have an analysis of your last month [of media investment performance], which means you can test things and iterate,” adds Quinn.

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